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Banking as a career: Why do you want to join banking sector

ব্যাংকিংটাকে কেন আপনি ক্যারিয়ার হিসেবে নিতে চান তা ইংরেজিতে বলুন। Explain in English why you want to take up banking as a career.Banking as a career:

Banks r considered the backbone of a country’s economy. Banking today is a perfect carrier for enthusiasts. It’s a nice & smart profession. Opting for a carrier in banking is a very wise choice in today’s job market. The banking sector is a consistent & reliable source of well-paid jobs. The great thing about working in the banking sector is that I will develop a great set of transferable skills from customer relations to financial analysis & from the ability to strategies well to amazing time management. That’s why I like it very much.

অন্যভাবে ও বলা যায় নিচের মতঃ

For a better future, a good career is a must. I think banking is the appropriate sector for good career development. There is a strong alternative to a bank job. If we dig inside this scenario we will find that a banking career is giving us a smart amount of money, dignity, smooth career growth, job security, pension benefits, provident fund, gratuity, incentives & lots of other benefits. We can increase our knowledge in export-import, trade, investment & remittance by choosing banking as a career. This career teaches us the proper utilization of money. For this reason, I have chosen this profession as my career.
by: M A Moin Khan

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