Degree 3rd year English suggestion 2019

Degree 3rd year English suggestion 2019 and degree 3rd year pass and certificate course compulsory English suggestions.   Degree 3rd year exam  start 12 September 2019 at perday 2.00 pm.
You can easily Degree 3rd year routine pdf download now.

English Compulsory Code: 121101

Time: 3.30 Hours.  
Full Marks: 80

Part C (Writing – 50)

1. Paragraph_Writing :
i) Good Manners 100%
ii) A Street Accident 100%
iii) Your Homeland 100%
iv) A Book Fair 99%
v) Use and Abuses of Facebook or Internet 99%

2. Report_Writing :
Write a report for the newspaper on…..
i) Drug Addiction. 99%
ii) anti corruption. 99%
iii) Observance of cultural. 99%
iv) Loads shedding . 99%
v) Traffic Jam. 98%
vi) Price Hike. 98%
vii) Recently Flood. 97%
viii) “Save the rivers, Save the country. 98%
xi) Reception held recently. 97%
x) impact of Facebook on young generation. 97%

3. Letter_Writing :
Write a letter to your ….
i) about the bad effects of smoking and advising him not to smoke. 99%
ii) advising him to read newspaper regularly. 100%
iii) About your visit to Kuakata. 99%
iv) Friend whose father has recently died. 99%
v) Return the book the borrowed from you. 99%

4. Application_Writing :
Write an application to the Principal of your college for ….
i) Setting up an English debating club/Computer club/Common rooms. 100%
ii) increasing facilities in the common room/increasing library facilities 99%
iii) using multimedia in the class room/arranging sound systems for the classrooms. 99%
iv) to set up Wi -Fi /Internet in the campus. 100%
v) Permission to go on a study tour or picnic / Permission to stage a drama in the auditorium. 98%
vi) Union Council for the repair of a road in in your village. 98%

5. Essay_Writing :
i) Tree Plantation 100%
ii) Digital Bangladesh 100%
iii) First Day at Your College 100%
iv) Value Of Time 99%
v) Employment of Women in Bangladesh 99%

6. Amplification_Writing :
i) No Risk, No Gain. 100%
ii) A friend in need, is a friend indeed. 100%
iii) Where there is a will, there is a way. 100%
iv) Time and tide wait for none. 99%
v) Industry is the key to success. 99%
vi) Necessity Knows no Low. 99%

7. Job_Application :
Write a application …
I) with a resume/Bio-Data. for the post of “Sales Manager ” 100%
ii) the post of a computer operator. 99%
iii) the post of a Lecture. 99%
iv) the post of marketing officer. 98%
v) the post of a junior officer Assistant. 99%

8. Dialogue_Writing :
Write a dialogue between two friends ……
i) about their choice of future career or plan. 100%
ii) about the necessity of learning English. 100%
iii) about their preparation for the coming examination. 99%
iv) On Climate change / Globalization. 97%.
v) about the use and abuse of Internet or mobile phone or Facebook. 98%
vi) about Bangladesh National Cricket Team or the Work Cup Cricket/football. 98%

9. Poster_Writing :
Write a Poster ……
i) awareness against corruption. 100%
ii) ”Chikungunia and Dangue 100%
iii) awareness about the safety life in roads. 99%
iv) awareness about food adulteration. 99%
v) awareness against Eve teasing. 99%
vi) against Rohingya killing in Myanmar. 98%
vii) awareness acid throwing. 98%
viii) against dowry system/premature marriage. 98%
ix) awareness against smoking. 97%
x) awareness against internet or Facebook. 96%

10. Notice_Writing :
i) against the use of mobile phones in the classroom. 99%
ii) The Independence Day is going to observed in your college. 99%
iii) distribute relief goods among flood affected people. 99%
iv) You want to hold a test exam. for the degree (Pass) 3rd year. Now, write a notice. 99%
v) Your English teacher is sick. ….
Write a notice for the students of Degree (Pass) 3rd year. 98%

11. Advertisement_Writing :
Write an advertisement for the post of an ……
i) officer against in company. 100%
ii) want to appointment part time teachers of English. 99%
iii) You have lost your academic certificates. Now, prepare an advertisement for any national daily. 99%
iv) Suppose, you are the owner of a flat. You want to let it. Now prepare an advertisement. 98%
v) you want to a new job. Now prepare a Bio Data. 97%

12. Slogan_Writing :
Make a slogan creating or Write a four slogans …..
i) against corruption. 100%
ii) awareness against child abuse. 100%
iii) against food adulteration. 99%
iv) awareness dug addiction. 98%
v) awareness against militancy. 99%
vi) awareness tree plantation/deforestation. 98%
vii) the importance of reading books. 97%

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