Degree Private Admission 2024 –

Online registration application for 2022 Graduation (PASS) Private/Certificate Courses in affiliated and selected colleges of the National University will start at 4 PM on 12 February and will continue till 12 PM on 28 February 2023.

Interested candidates have to fill out the registration application form online from the National University admission website and pay the application fee of Tk 250/- (two hundred and fifty) and registration fee of Tk 485/-(four hundred and eighty-five) to the concerned college (through mobile banking prescribed by the college or Direct) must be submitted by 01 March 2023. Detailed information regarding this can be known from the Prospectus / Important Notice option of the admission website of the National University.




Apply Link of Private Degree:


Documents to be submitted for degree private admission:

a) Attested photocopy of Secondary/Equivalent and Higher Secondary/Equivalent examination pass certificate and mark sheet and attested photocopy of graduation (pass) examination certificate and mark sheet along with attested photocopy of said certificate and mark sheet for the certificate course.

b) Candidates serving in the Military, Police, BGB, and Ansar forces must submit a certificate from the concerned authority stating that they have completed two years of service. The certificate should mention the date of appointment to the post, details of tenure till participation in the examination, and grant of leave to the candidate for participation in the examination.

c) Candidates employed in Government/Semi-Government/Autonomous Institutions must submit a permission letter from the concerned authority to participate in this registration process. The permission letter should mention that he will be granted leave to attend the examination during the examination.


Degree Private (pass course) Admission 2024 Application Eligibility and Conditions:

a) Minimum GPA 2.0 or minimum 40% marks in HSC and equivalent examination with 4th subject in HSC and equivalent examination in 2020 or earlier from any Education Board/Open University recognized in Bangladesh and minimum GPA 2.0 or minimum 40 in the traditional method in relevant SSC and equivalent examination. Students securing % marks can apply for registration in 2022 Graduate (Pass) Private (BA/BSS/BBS) courses. Apart from this, Bangladesh Technical Education Board’s H.Sc. From equivalent courses only

  • 1. H.Sc. (vocational)
  • 2. Diploma-in-Commerce
  • 3. H.Sc. (Business Management) students who have passed the examination can apply subject to fulfilling the mentioned conditions.

b) Students who have passed at least 04 (four) subjects with ‘B’ grade in three subjects in the O-Level examination and passed at least 02 (two) subjects with ‘B’ grade in one subject in the A-Level examination in 2020 or earlier Graduation (pass) in 2022 Can apply for the private registration process.

c) No student currently studying in Graduate (Honours), Graduate (Honours) Professional, and Graduate (Pass) Regular/Private courses (regardless of the academic year) under the National University can apply for the 2022 Graduate (Pass) Private Registration Programme. However, candidates can apply for the 2022 graduation (pass) private course by canceling the admission of the previous academic year.

d) If a student takes dual admission in Graduate (Honours), Graduate (Honours) Professional, or Graduate (Pass) regular/private courses in the same academic year or in two different academic years, the admission and registration of that student will be considered canceled.

e) No student who has passed the Alim examination from the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board before 1988 can apply for registration in the graduate (pass) private course.

f) If any information/photo of the applicant in the application form is found to be false, incorrect, or incomplete, the registration of the applicant will be considered canceled.

Degree Private (Certificate Course) Admission 2024 Registration Application Eligibility and Conditions:

a) Graduate (Pass)/Graduate (Honours) examination from any recognized university in Bangladesh Students who have passed the Graduation (Pass)/Graduate (Honours) examination in any of the subjects mentioned below except those subjects ) can apply for registration in certificate courses.

b) Subjects approved for registration in Certificate Course: Bengali (Optional), English (Optional), Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Pali, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Islamic Education, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, History, History and Culture of Islam, Accountancy, Management, Marketing, and Finance & Banking. The mentioned subjects should be affiliated subjects at the graduation (pass) level in the concerned college.

c) No student who has passed Fazil or Kamil examination from Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board can apply for private registration of the certificate course examination.

d) The students registered in the certificate course will be able to participate in the examination according to the same course and curriculum as the 2022 graduate (pass) private examinees.


Degree Private Admission Notice 2024 Online Registration Rules:

A) Applicants for registration in the 2022 graduate (pass) private course must go to the Degree Pass option on the admission website of the National University and fill out the application form from the Blank Data Entry Form (Degree Private) option. For registration in the certificate course, the applicant has to fill out the application form from Blank Data Entry Form (Private Certificate Course) option.

b) In filling out the application form through Blank Data Entry Form, the applicant should carefully enter his name, father/mother’s name, educational qualification, registered personal mobile number, and e-mail address correctly.

c) The applicant should give the correct Gender (Male/ Female) entry in the specified space of the data table. Note that if a male applicant applies to a female college due to deliberate or gender discrimination, his application will be considered canceled.

d) If the applicant selects the name of any college listed according to the department and district according to his choice, the applicant will see the list of eligible courses/subjects for registration in that college. From the list of all (Eligible) courses/subjects, the applicant has to carefully decide the choice of his/her applied course/subject.

e) At the time of filling out the application form, the applicant should scan and upload a recently taken color photograph of the passport size. Image size should be 120×150 pixels, Image Type: jpg, and maximum file size: 50Kb. Note that if any photo other than the applicant’s photo is uploaded in the application form, the applicant’s registration will be considered canceled.

f) The applicant should fill the form with the correct information and picture and click on Submit Application option. At this stage, the roll number and pin of the applicant will be displayed and the applicant has to download the form [on A4 (8.5”×11”) offset white paper] and take a print.

g) Correction of errors in the filled application form: The applicant should thoroughly verify that all the information and photographs appearing in his application form are correct.


  • If there is any informational discrepancy or defective image in the application form, it should be corrected. To correct the application form, the applicant has to go to Private Degree (Pass) Login link in the Applicant Login option and give the roll number and pin entry of the application form.
  • At this stage, if the applicant goes to the Form Cancel/Photo Change Option link and clicks the Click to Generate the Security Key option, the One Time Password (OTP) will be given to the personal mobile number mentioned in the application form through SMS.
  • With this OTP entry the applicant can cancel his application form and fill the new application form and upload the correct photo.
  • Note that the applicant will get the opportunity to cancel the form only once. Once the application form is confirmed by the college, the applicant cannot cancel the form
  • The applicant should sign and date the printed application form in the prescribed space. Along with this application form, applicant’s attested mark sheet of secondary and higher secondary/equivalent examination, attested mark sheet of graduation (honours)/graduate (pass) examination in case of certificate course, attested copy of registration card and application fee of Tk.250/- (two hundred and fifty) and registration fee. 485/-(four hundred and eighty five) should be deposited to the concerned college (through mobile banking as prescribed by the college or directly).

J) The second part of the application form will be returned to the applicant with signature and seal by the concerned college principal/in-charge teacher.


Degree Private Admission 2024







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