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Khulna Division Honours College name list

Khulna Division Honours College Name list of national university, Bangladesh. Khulna Division has ten district.

Khulna Division ten district college name district wish list.

Khulna district Honours College Name:

1. Al Haz Sarwar Khan College, Khulna.
2. Bajua Surendranath College, Khulna.
3. Bangabandhu Degree College, Khulna.
4. Chalna College, Khulna.
5. Daulatpur (Day/Night) College, Khulna.
6. Govt. Azam Khan Commerce College, Khulna.
7. Govt. Brozlal (B L) College, Khulna.
8. Hazi Abdul Malek Islamia College, Khulna.

9. Hazi Muhammad Mohsin College, Khulna.
10. Kapilmoni College, Khulna.
11. Khan Shaheb Komoruddin College, Khulna.
12. Khulna Govt. Mohila College, Khulna
13. North Khulna College, Khulna.
14. Paikgacha College, Khulna.
15. Rupsha College, Khulna.
16. Shaheed Shuhrawardi College, Khulna.

Bagerhat district Honours College Name:

1. Belayet Hossain College,Bagerhat.
2. Fakirhat Fajilatunnesa Mujib Mohila College, Bagerhat.
3. Govt. P C College, Bagerhat.
4. Kazi Ajhar Ali College, Bagerhat.
5. Shaheed Sheikh Abu Naser Mohila College, Bagerhat.
6. Sirajuddin Memorial College, Bagerhat.

Chuadanga district Honours College Name:
1. Chuadanga Govt. College, Chuadanga.
2. M. S. Joha College, Chuadanga.

Jessore district Honours College Name:
1. A B C D College, Jessore.
2. Bagharpara College , Jessore.
3. Bagharpara Mohila College, Jessore.
4. Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Degree College, Jessore.
5. Cantonment College, Jessore.
6. Chowgacha College, Jessore.
7. Chowgacha Mridapara Mohila College, Jessore.
9. Govt. City College, Jessore.
10. Govt. M M College, Jessore.
11. Govt. Mohila College, Jessore.
12. Hamidpur Alhera College, Jessore.
13. Jessore College, Jessore.
14. Jhikorgacha Mohila College, Jessore.
15. Keshabpur College, Jessore.
16. Monirampur College, Jessore.
17. Monirampur Mohila College, Jessore.
18. Mukteswari College, Jessore.
19. Muktijodda College, Jessore.
20. Naoyapara College, Jessore.
21. Shaheed Moshiur Rahman College, Jessore.
22. Shaheed Sirajuddin Hossain College, Jessore.
23. Upashahar College, Jessore.
24. Upashahar Mohila College, Jessore.

Jhenaidah district Honours College Name:
1. Birsrestha Hamidur Rahman College, Jhenaidah.
2. Govt. K C College, Jhenaidah.
3. Govt. Lalon Shah College, Jhenaidah.
4 Jhenaidah College, Jhenaidah.

Kushtia district Honours College Name:
1. Basgram Aluddin Ahmed College, Kushtia.
2. Doilatpur College, Kushtia.
3. Kustia Govt. College, Kushtia.
4. Kustia Govt. Mohila College, Kushtia.
5. Kustia Islamia College, Kushtia.

Magura district Honours College Name:

1. Arpara College, Magura.
2. Govt. Hossain Shaheed Shuhrawardi College, Magura.

Meherpur district Honours College Name:

1. Meherpur Govt. Colllege, Meherpur.

Narail district Honours College Name:

1.Lohagara Adarsha College, Narail.

2. Narail Victoria Govt. College, Narail.

SatKhira district Honours College Name:
1. Asasuni College, SatKhira.
2. Hazi Nasir Uddin College, SatKhira.
3. Jhaudanga College, SatKhira.
4. Kalaroa Govt. College, SatKhira.
5. Kaliganj College, SatKhira.
6. Khan Bahadur Ahsan Ullah College, SatKhira.
7. Kumira Mohila College, SatKhira.
8. Rokeya Mansur Mohila College, SatKhira.
9. Satkhira City College, SatKhira.
10. Satkhira Govt. College, SatKhira.
11. Satkhira Govt. Mohila College, SatKhira.
12. Shamnagar Mohsin College,SatKhira.
13. Sheikh Amanullah College, SatKhira.
14. Simanto Adarsha College, SatKhira.
15. Tala Govt. College, SatKhira.
16. Tala Mohila College, SatKhira.


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