National university admission cancel process

National University admission cancel process and online application system. National University admission cancel process is fully online based and under student services. National university (NU) admission cancel (AC) is simple method.

If you student of National University of Bangladesh? If you cancel Your running studentship? Its very simple and admission cancel by some process in online.
Now i’m share to you this process for national University admission cancel. Here you collect admission cancel form.pdf, College forwarding.pdf and for admission cancel needed documents.

Admission cancel (AC):
National University (NU) admission cancel processing need for this documents:
1. Registration card or admission form (applicants copy) or admission student copy.
2. College forwarding with principle signature.
3. One copy passport size Photo.
4. SSC and HSC board, roll, gpa, group and passing year.
5. 746.00 TK pay in Sonali bank.

Now i’m share admission cancel process step by step with screenshots.

Step 1: you must create a student account in national university under student services if Don’t have students service account please go and complete student registration for login student dashboard form. Oh! Yes, you must collect student id and password after student registration complete for admission cancel (ac).

Step 2:after registration complete login student services by input your user id and password.

Step 3: now you see a dashboard, left side your student id and right side your name and profile.

Step 4: here you can see:
1.Academic Services.
2. Examination Services.

Step 5: now click Academic Services you can see academic services under services list and services name.

Step 6: Click Admission Cancel (AC) and show this windows.

Step 7: now fillup this form below the right documents.

a. College forwarding.

b. Admit card or registration card: Hare also you can upload admission admit.

c. Student form:

d. Photos. (Applicant’s photo)

e. Reason: for new admission.

Step 8: now click proceed.

Step 9: now click ‘click Hare For Generating Payment Slip’.

Step 10: Finally click ‘Download Payment Slip’. [ N.B. Signature the payment slip of student signature.]

Step 11: go to nearest sonali bank and payment 746.00 tk with download payment slip. [N.B. Bank return you one part of payment slip.]

Step 12: wait for some days and check dashboard. Generally admission cancel complete 7 days. When server busy Admission cancel process with 7 days or 15 days or upto 30 days.

If you need your ssc or hsc or all documents urgently or emergency? Please go to your College authority with Department permission. Show Your admission cancel documents and Sonali Bank payment slip. After College will be return your documents.

Step 13: when approved your admission cancel (ac) request the dashboard show ‘your application has been approved by nu. Now download the pdf file and colour print.

Step 14: Finally your admission cancel is successful and printed document submit your College. For more sure see the image of admission cancel approval letter.

Most of the students cancel your admission for new admission of change Subject or varsity admission. Recently national university complete nu admission before university admission. For that reason when a student chance any University or better subject. Then student cancel her/his admission.

National university admission cancel process – , NU admission cancel process, admission cancel process, Admission Cancel (AC). Create nu student service account for cancel admission or transfer College or name correction. NU admission cancel based of online system or process or method. Above the method is 100% working for short time admission cancel under national university of Bangladesh.
national university admission cancel (ac) process and needed documents, admission cancel form pdf and other documents step to step details the article.

If you any problems of admission cancel ? Please informe me any time. I will help you.

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